Today I found out that a familiar face in the neighborhood had a debilitating stroke.  Carleen is her name.  She's about...70 years old, if I had to guess.  Carleen is one of those salty, old broads.  Smokes like a chimney.  Probably weighs about 90 pounds soaking wet.  She drives around in her little purple car; a Cavalier?   Up and down our neighborhood streets.  Her very talkative Yorkshire Terrier always by her side.  People joke with her that she's the only person they know who has 60,000 on her car odometer and she never left the neighborhood.  She always waves.

So, she's apparently had several strokes lately and some procedure to clean out some of her veins.  But this last one knocked her flat.  She will now go into a nursing home or hospice. 

It really makes you think. 

What is all this crap we eat and drink?  Why must I be so stubborn that I resist changing my dietary habits.  What am I gaining from it besides weight and health problems?

What does it take to make lasting changes in one's life?  Does it take a disaster?  A health emergency?

I don't want to wait until then.

Action Step
It's a crap shoot and I want to have too much fun before that.  Start taking better care of myself  Eat two servings more of a fruit or veggie each day.

Cheers, Carleen. 

Thanks for the wakeup call,

P.S.  I found out yesterday that Carleen passed away. 

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