Have you said that about some food that you have wanted to eat, because you want it!   

It is an emotional response to something we want and we want it now.

Babies can get away with it, we, as adults, not so much.  I talked to a therapist about this a couple years ago, she said my need for some fast access to whatever comfort food I was craving was an immature need for immediate gratification.  Now she didn't CALL me immature, but she said it was an emotional response to stresses in life that hadn't maybe fully developed. 

Action step
Starting today, let's work on lessening the power of "but, I WANT it!". 

Today, when I want something to eat that is not real "food", I will wait.  I will pause.  I don't have to give in to it all the time.  I WILL survive the wait.

However, if I DON'T wait, there will be no negative head talk, let it go.  Next time the opportunity presents itself, is another change to wait.    It is a process, it takes time.

What action step will you take to diminish the power of that emotional tug to eat some comfort food.

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