Today, I was in the kitchen preparing some lovely green veggies for lunch and this rockin' song came on the radio.  Immediately I began to dance around the kitchen.  It was SO fun and felt SO good.

The funny thing is that I have not danced in the kitchen for many months...maybe a year?  I'm not sure why, but I guess I haven't felt like it.  I haven't had the energy. 

Music is so important to our lives, it gets our toes tappin' and our feet movin' and really helps to elevate one's mood. 

Well NOW I feel like dancing.  Why?

I've been concentrating on the raw food thing pretty good for the last three or four days AND I gave up diet soda four days ago. (Curses, aspertame!)   I have SO much energy I can hardly stand myself!  It's great!

Action Step
Give it a try.  If you are shy, do it when no one is home.  You will feel great.   It doesn't take long for your energy to swing up and you get to have lots more fun. 
Expect it.

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