Amazing!  Yipeee.
I haven't posted in two weeks.  That is crazy.

I've been kinda busy at work.  And it's been hot hot hot outside so it kind of takes the life out of me.

Happy to say I have not had any diet soda to drink since I declared my diet soda freedom.  I have had a few times when maybe i might have craved it, but it was not difficult to say no.

I've had a few times where I almost picked one up out of habit as I was walking through the cafeteria.  That was funny.  Habits are serious things.

I feel better since not drinking the soda, although I've also tried to eat more vegetables and have been having acupuncture, so I don't know what effect the lack of diet soda is doing to me.

All three together, I am feeling GREAT!

Keep up the good work, keep exercising and eat more green veggies.
I tell everyone to eat more green veggies when they complain about anything.  LOL  I think it is the cure-all for everything.  Funny thing probably is!

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